Why we choose soy wax

Why we choose soy wax

We do get asked by our customers and friends from time to time - what's the difference between soy, palm and paraffin waxes. 

Here is why we choose soy at Billy & Bear. Soybean is a renewable resource and as a result soy candles are considered an environmentally friendly choice. Plus its a healthier option for you, your family and pets.

It burns a lot cooler than other waxes and produces a lot less soot than paraffin. Some studies have suggested that soy candles burn 30% longer than some synthetic candles.

Why can't I buy a soy candle pillar or tapered candle?

There is one answer to that. It's nearly impossible for a pillar candle to be made with only soy wax, as soy is too soft - unlike other waxes that are much harder, so they do have the ability to be able to stand on their own. You can make a pillar candle with soy, but you'll have to add anther wax with it. The percentage will vary. So I suggest you do your own research.