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Munash Organics

Munash Indoor Plant Soil Food

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This product is a natural soil food made especially for indoor plants the product is derived from central Victoria. The rock minerals gently nourish the soil, which in turn feeds the plants with an abundance of minerals to give new life to your indoor plants and to help them thrive.

Most of the time when you buy an indoor plant it comes already potted up in a standard potting mix usually with a standard NPK fertiliser. However what the soil needs is nutrition, so by adding the rock minerals to the soil medium you are enhancing the health and vitality of the “home” the indoor plant is in so it can thrive and flourish.

The Indoor Plant Soil Food, provides the soil with 67 trace elements and minerals for the soil microbes to thrive which feed the plant roots. The minerals also help the soil to function properly, and to conserve moisture. It is packed in tins so the moisture in the rock minerals is held, so when you apply it to the base of your pot plant or add it to your potting mix blend, it acts to draw in the existing moisture through the soil and air.

The Indoor Plant food is completely safe to use inside, and is non-toxic. A fine sprinkle every two to three months will provide optimal nutrition to your indoor plants.

For best results use it with the Indoor Foliage Plant Spray.

100% Safe
100% Natural
Certified Organic Input with NASAA
400g Tin